Drumming To Reduce Stress on ITV

Mark HunterAfter just finishing a teambuilding activity at Celtic Manor on a windy hillside in Wales last week, an unexpected phone call led me to the  ITV television studios in London the next day.

I was invited to demonstrate the use of drumming workshops as a stress therapy on This Morning, arguably the nations most-watched morning TV show.

We had lots of fun and met an eclectic range of staff, celebrities and passers-by as we filmed outside on the South Bank.

I had a group of individuals to work with that all have very stressful professions, including doctors and sales people. The group was given the opportunity to experience drumming, dance and laughter therapy.

Photograph of Drumming Workshop on ITV This MorningThere are a number of sections within our drum events that promote relaxation and the use of the imagination to focus on aspects other than the body. These are useful tools within a stress relief session.

When the camera went live it all became very exciting, as only live TV to millions of people can get. The feeling that really struck me about the day, however, was not my role in the show or the need to get it all right for the cameras, but something else entirely.

It was the feeling of joy, relaxed control and quiet respect every one of the studio’s staff displayed. From the moment I met security outside, to the production assistants, runners, directors and presenters, there was just a perfectly fluid working environment that I rarely see.

Nothing was too much trouble, everything was done efficaciously but with a perfectly relaxed attitude. I have been in a few TV and radio studios over the years and this workspace felt very impressive.

Delivering  team building events all over the world, we quite often use a client’s actual workplace as a venue. Over the years you become accustomed to how different working environments feel.

Now some might say that a TV studio is a very different workplace to an office, factory, or out digging roads, but I still saw people working professionally under pressure, having to get things perfect first time and covering many changing variables.

I left the TV studios not only having participated in a fun session about drumming and stress relief, but having experienced (from an outsider’s view at least) some really excellent working practices.

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