Activities that Culminate in an After-Dinner Performance

Mark HunterThere seem to be many requests these days for daytime team building activities that culminate in an after-dinner performance. This provides a great focus for a teambuilding activity, provides an uplifting finale and avoids additional and expensive evening entertainment options.

We have designed our music-based team activities to have this popular format option, including Urban Jam, Global X Factor, Thriller, drumming and One Voice.

Recently, we delivered a Tribal Rhythm event. In the afternoon, eighty clients arrived for their collective briefing, not knowing what they were about to do for the rest of the day.

Just as we commenced our welcome, the sights and sounds of Africa burst through the door! Nothing equals the energy of our traditional African expert and acrobatic dancers  as they do a short performance to a stunned audience.

Photo of the African team building event

Building on the surprise, the briefing was continued and the day ahead was explained. The full group would be split into four smaller teams, each going off with their awaiting instructor to separate areas. There were four unique and diverse African arts/skills to learn: gum boot dancing, African drumming, traditional singing and traditional dancing.

Each smaller group had 40 minutes to get a taster of one of the challenging activities before moving on to the next one. This, as you might imagine, is always fast paced, full of fun and exciting for participants. Don’t worry, though, as we did give participants a coffee break in the middle!

Our traditional instructors always employ the perfect blend of intense teaching mixed with huge smiles and the warm African spirit.

By the end of the afternoon, everyone had been round all four activities and were getting adept at taking on new ideas, supporting each other and learning about these traditional art forms.

Just in case there was any risk of energy levels falling, we announced the final challenge! Whatever activity each team was doing in their last rotation would be the activity that they would now perfect with their instructor. They needed to achieve ‘performance level’, because after dinner that very evening all four groups were to compete against each other!

We offer a wide range of theming options. In this case, we themed the dining room with colours, patterns, tribal mask table centres and even hanging vines from Africa to create the perfect setting.

Theming for our African team building dinner

The diners couldn’t wait to finish dessert so that they had a few extra moments to put the finishing touches to their costumes and performances.

Our client had asked some VIPs to join them for the evening and to sit on the judging panel, complete with score cards.

With a little supportive help from the individual instructors, each team performed their various offerings. While these were not quite as authentic and polished as they were at the afternoon’s final rehearsals (after participants had had a few glasses of wine) everyone had a fantastic time.

The judging panel scored all the groups and lavished high praise where this was due, before announcing the results in true dramatic game-show style.

After the hilarious and very good natured competition was over, our drummers and dancers provided one final performance, which had everyone on their feet. We then left everyone to continue enjoying their evening.

We believe that a finale performance after dinner can provide an excellent focus for a team building activity, and ensures that any competition is kept friendly and in context. However, we do also offer many different formats to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

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