Global X Factor

Try out creative performance skills from around the world

Global X Factor team building

Global X Factor is a unique event that allows participants to learn skills and experience exciting activities, which can include African drumming, Haka, gum boot dancing and junk percussion. 

Image of the Global X Factor brochureGlobal X Factor is a highly interactive and entertaining event format that can occupy up to a whole day. Great fun is guaranteed.

Please contact us now to discuss a Global X Factor event for your organisation. We can provide a quote within the hour.

Download our Global X Factor brochure (in PDF format), for further information.


A diverse range of team building activities all together!

This exciting event provides the opportunity for your delegates to learn a variety of traditional skills from cultures around the world. Participants are divided into teams and rotate around your chosen set of activities.

As the event organiser, you can pick whatever activities appeal to you and we will create the event around those. Popular examples are:

  • Haka from New Zealand
  • Bollywood dance from India
  • Didgeridoo workshop from Australia
  • Traditional drumming from West Africa
  • T’ai Chi from China
  • Welly boot dancing from South Africa

You might even have an idea of your own that you would like to try.

Global X Factor is particularly exciting and popular because everyone gets a taster of each skill and participants never know what is coming up next. Each zone has its own specialist facilitator to lead participants through the experience.

Once the participants have been around the globe trying each of the activities, the event concludes with some healthy competition, to see which team has the potential to become global superstars! Participants will spend slightly longer in their final zones in order to practise and perfect their newly-developed skills. When everyone meets again in the plenary session, they share their performances and prizes are distributed.

The Global X Factor activities are always great fun and sometimes very enlightening. They build bridges, create networks and provide a shared experience that brings people closer together. The diverse activities provide the opportunity for delegates to face a number of different challenges with their colleagues over a relatively short period of time.


We are flexible to suit your specific requirements

We can design a Global X Factor event to suit your particular requirements, in terms of the duration, the facilities at your venue and the specific skills that we cover. We are happy to talk to you about the possibilities, so please contact us now.

If you have only one room available then, rather than splitting up the group, we can keep everyone together and have the activities come to you. This keeps down the cost and everyone shares each session together.