Team building for small groups

Events specifically designed for small teams

Team building activity with a small group

We specialise in team building for small groups – providing fun activities that are specifically designed and optimised for small groups or teams. These provide a friendlier and more intimate way to bring individuals closer together in an entertaining and non-confrontational way.

We always relish the opportunity to work with small groups and have developed, over 15 years, a wide range of cost-effective team building activities and games that are ideally suited to groups with as few as five members. So, whatever your number of participants, please contact us now.


Friendly and intimate team building for small groups

We recognise that most event companies focus on higher-cost team building for large teams since they generally involve larger budgets. However, it is not the case that all traditional team building options require a significant number of people to be present.

We are happy to provide activities and games to foster team building in small teams, with as few as five participants. We believe that, compared with a large team, working with a smaller number of individuals often provides a much better opportunity to achieve a step-change in team effectiveness and interaction.

Smaller groups can become cohesive more quickly, and everyone has a line-of-sight view of all other participants.

Some of our most popular activities are ideally suited to small groups, including:

Boomwhackers. You will be amazed how your group is able to produce such an amazing performance of sound and colour.

Drumming. Drumming is perfectly suited to a small number of participants, and as few as five people can produce an unbelievable room-filling sound and rhythm.

Junk Funk. An interesting alternative to our drumming events, using everyday scrap as instruments!

In addition, you can choose from special versions of any of our events, which have been specifically designed to work well with few participants.

We would love you talk to you about your next event, so please contact us.